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Tamás Kertész is primarily a Front-End designer & developer who absolutely enjoys taking great ideas from concept to product. To that effect, he's been heavily involved in Demola projects, such as Campus Compass, jobfairy and Blockchain: The Trust Machine. He likes to dabble into JavaScript and Python development and is interested in the latest emerging libraries such as ReactJS and Vue.js. Tamás also has a penchant for playing guitar and bass, coffee, romantic walks on the beach and talking about himself in third person. What a dick.

But seriously.

I am based in sunny Tampere, Finland.

Currently bullying pixels at Anders Innovations and studying Interactive Media at TAMK.

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  • HTML, Pug, HAML, Twig
  • CSS, Stylus, SASS
  • JavaScript (basic), jQuery (intermediate)
  • ReactJS (basic)
  • Python (basic)
  • Bootstrap, Responsive Design
  • Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Adobe Xd
  • InvisionApp, Wireframing
  • Gulp, Webpack (basic, documentation pls)
  • Harp.js, Kirby, Nginx, WordPress
  • Git, SSH, MySQL
  • Windows, Ubuntu, elementary OS, Arch, OS X
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