I/O Coin Wallet MK2

2015 - Present

The first iteration of the wallet was the testing ground and the proof of the concept. The second version builds on what worked in the previous one and it is growing into a mature product. As I/O Coin is developing its blockchain technology with a slew of new features, pace has to be kept on the wallet front. I learned a tremendous amount while working on the previous wallet, this clean slate offers the opportunity to expand my creativity and curiosity to experiment with the UI and UX.

I/O Digital Foundation
UI and UX design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Development
Second version of the I/O Coin wallet
HTML Stylus JavaScript Mithril.js Electron Gulp

With lessons learned while developing the first wallet, I set off to sketch out a full picture of the new iteration before comitting the first line of code. I kept in mind a few guiding thoughts throughout the concept phase which my designs followed in order to deliver on the high expectations. Make it modular and plan everything.

Wallet wireframes
Wallet wireframes
Feedback Research

I researched the community feedback given to the previous iteration, as well as what other projects were building. The redesign has to be be a modern answer to the competition while implementing new innovative features.

Wallet wireframes

Challenging yet fun, wireframing can feel like a drag at times, however, an indispensable step. It ensures that the project doesn't stall during development and sets up specific and well defined goals.

Wallet wireframes

The first wallet relied on pure JavaScript that even in 2014 seemed like a dirty idea. To the surprise of no one, the code quickly became sprawling and unmaintainable. For one page web apps, reinventing the wheel is wasting time. In the spirit of upping our game we switched to a React-like framework called Mithril.js. On the CSS side, we went with Stylus for better code management. Finally, we ditched Node-Webkit in favour of GitHub's Electron.

Wallet wireframes

A clear step up in terms of work quality. The structured approach we employed during each development cycle kept the eventual goal in view. That said, work continues to deliver on the promises made to the community with regards to the implementation of all the promised features and more.

At present

This is still a project in progress. A lot has been changed, rewritten and scrapped since I started the initial design drafts. And a lot will change until the first version is released. Furthermore, it is not feature complete and is in early beta stage. At the moment, it is being tested internally and eventually will be released for the community to give feedback and to test it further.

Choice shot of the app
A second view of the app
Here's a third view
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